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Safety disconnect handle

Plymovent® now offers you the next generation in exhaust removal operation for emergency stations. Designed for functionality and efficiency this product is easy to use and offers the next step in safety disconnects, your personnel are worth it! With an uninterrupted flow through the exhaust removal hose, the exhaust gasses are transported as efficiently as possible out of the breathing zone.

The safety disconnect handle is designed to be ergonomic in use. The round handle has large grips so it can be handled even with gloves on, and can be reached from all angles. It prevents the user from having to bend in order to connect the exhaust removal system which limits the danger of exposure to exhaust gasses.

Ergonomic in use and operation, with large grips and easy-operate functions.

Made of 'scratch-safe' materials resistant to high temperatures

Uninterrupted airflow through the hose

Available for magnetic and pneumatic grabber® systems

Functional Design

With the design of the safety disconnect, the function is always considered. The inside is made from durable steel to cope with high temperature exhaust gasses, the outside, engineered plastics.

When operating a pneumatic system, the integrated pneumatic valve is shielded and positioned in such a way it is very easy to operate. The safety disconnect handle for magnetic system does not include the valve but does offer benefits such as easy operation of the system and the patented safety disconnect function.

Plymovent® SourceCapture Systems

The safety disconnect handle can be integrated in both the pneumatic and magnetic exhaust removal systems of Plymovent®. A Plymovent® system enables you to efficiently remove dangerous exhaust gasses, saving you money and bringing you clean air at work.

Our philosophy is to provide quality systems that are safe, user-friendly, code compliant and that will enhance the quality of life for your fire-fighters and personnel. That is why we have developed a line of source capture systems designed to meet your station’s needs. Plymovent® is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

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