Magnetic Grabber®

The Magnetic Grabber®

Now there is an exhaust removal system for every station. Combining the various benefi ts of Plymovent’s® patent pending Magnetic Grabber® and the opportunity to have an easy to use professional Plymovent® system in your station makes the decision an easy one.

Easy To Operate -“Click And Seal”

The conical design makes attaching the Magnetic Grabber® to the vehicle extremely user friendly. At the sound of a clear “click” you know you have a correctly “sealed” connection of the system to the vehicle, minimizing the danger of diesel exhaust emissions in the station. The strategically positioned magnets ensure a good connection to the vehicle, as well as a controlled automatic disconnect when the vehicle exits the station.

Professional look And Performance

With its stainless polished look the Magnetic Grabber® is easy to recognize, but also the functionality is what you can expect of a Plymovent® system. With no obstuctions in the hose, the system can remove dangerous diesel exhaust at its maximum capacity. The new Magnetic Grabber® system can be quickly attached to any vehicle equipped with the innovative Plymovent® tailpipe connector. The tailpipe connector’s ambient air intake also ensures the vehicle’s exhaust temperatures are reduced thereby making the system safer to use.

Safety Of The System

In order to protect your investment and provide protection against damages, Plymovent® has integrated a rubber cover on the Magnetic Grabber®. With the Magnetic Grabber’s® rubber cover, along with your systems Safety Disconnect, you and your system are well protected.

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