Diluter system

The Diluter system is a stand alone general filtration system, developed to reduce and control the background concentration of welding fumes in a workshop. It makes sure that legal limits for welding fumes are not exceeded. Diluter systems are the ideal solution if source extraction and hoods are not an option, for example when large work pieces are being fabricated, various welding processes take place at changing locations or when ductwork is difficult to install.

Do you control welding fumes?

We do. Controlling welding fumes in a welding workshop significantly contributes to a better work environment. Simply by keeping the background concentration of welding fumes as low as possible. This can
be realised by using the right welding processes and by using a high-quality welding fume extraction and filtration system that prevents the accumulation of welding fumes in your workshop.

As a specialist in air cleaning technology, Plymovent® offers various solutions to control welding fumes in the metalworking industry, like source extraction, extraction hoods and general ventilation
and filtration systems. All designed to remove and control welding fumes as best possible.

How does it work

  • The Diluter system by means of the multi-directional outlet nozzles continuously mixes/dilutes the layer of welding fumes with clean, filteredair. The layer of welding fumes concentrate before four and six meters above the work floor because of the heat generated by welding processes, To optimise the airflow, each nozzle can be rotated individually. Positioning the nozzles inside the layer of welding fumes, gives the best result and minimises the background concentration of welding fumes in the workshop. You and your personnel will notice this immediately, as the visual blue layer of welding fumes disappears.
  • The polluted air from the workshop is captured by a filter unit. The air is
    cleaned and sent back into the workshop via the outlet nozzles.
  • The residue of fume dust is collected in a dustbin, that can be emptied
  • The fan speed and thus the airflow is adaptable to your requirements and
    once set, kept by a frequency inverter. This ensures a reliable operation
    plus it saves energy and expands the lifespan of the filter cartridge(s).

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