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Exhaust Delivery Innovation exists to provide a safer work environment by removing toxins and carcinogens from the works place by providing high quality custom designed systems that meet your specific needs.

Richard Hasley - CEO/CFO

Richard is the CEO/ CFO of Exhaust Delivery Innovation/EDI, LLC. Richard started EDI in 2002 as an HVAC installation and service company. Richard took over the Plymovent Dealer ship for TN and Northern MS in 2016 and has enjoyed the relationships built through the company. Richard has been a Fire Fighter since 1988 and enjoys making a difference in people’s lives. Richard has a wife and 3 children that support him with all of his endeavors. Our goal is to provide enough information to make an informed decision about your exhaust fume removal needs.

John Wilson - Service Manager

With a long, 46-year history in the HVAC installation and service industry, as a service technician,service manager, and company CEO, John brings the experience of control system designs, diagnostics and support, and service to EDI, LLC. John joined EDI at the founding of the dealership in 2016. He is dedicated to mentoring and training the next generation of service technicians.

Jason Bizwell - East TN Sales Rep

Jason is one of EDIs Sales Reps and Installers. Jason has work for the city of Franklin since 2003 and is currently a Fire Fighter at Station 6 and has been a volunteer since 2006. This has allowed him to see the importance of removing toxic exhaust fumes from the work and living space. Jason is also a husband to Terri Lynn and a father to a daughter he adores greatly. Providing for his family and working in a safe environment is important to him and he is glad to work for a Department that has had Plymovent Exhaust Fume Removal Systems for 19 years. Jason is ready to help you get all the information you can about exhaust fume removal so give him a call.

David Konstant - West TN sales Rep

David Konstant is a sales representative/installation specialist for Exhaust Delivery Innovations. He started his career in firefighting in 2011 in Auburn, AL where he was born and raised. He now lives in Franklin, TN with his wife and continues to serve his community through the fire service. He is honest, hard-working and devoted to improving and therefore protecting the lives of those around him. He hopes to give people the tools they need to serve their communities well.

Jimmy Deason - Installation Supervisor

Jimmy has been a consultant for EDI since 2016 when EDI became the TN Plymovent dealer. Jimmy worked with the previous dealer and has installed every Plymovent system in TN. With his experience, work ethic and his tenaciousness to get the job done well, we can ensure a high-quality work with a high quality-system. Jimmy has been in the mechanical field for over 40 years and has been exposed to almost any service issue that could arise. Jimmy is a family man and has been a great mentor to our company.

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